Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Manga style Lineart with Photoshop

Original Tutorial Link:

Some people feel lazy if inking manually with pen or drawing pen. I prefer inking with Manga Studio. But if you don’t have it. you can use this simple way to ink with Photoshop.

1. Prepare your art. This is my friends art. We join at one team Saturday Syndrome for publish comic at Elex Media Komputindo. Her name Afatarra and this is Hee chul fanart From Super Junior.

2. Create new layer

3. Use pen tool, create path at the place that you want to ink. Make sure the option is for path tool

4. Set the brushes (B). I usually use solid brush 4-5 px (Depend on your art size)

5. Back to Pen tool (P). Right Click on the path and choose Stroke Path

6. Choose ‘Brush” And check “Simulated pressure”


8. TIPS : After U set it, what do you need to do are :
a. Press P
b. Creating Path
c. Press B
d. Enter
e. Back Space

Hope it help. ^^
This is my art that 100% inked and toning at PC (I just testing the tone. This is not my mange sample. I’m following some manga). Sketch done by hand.
Our Manga that will published at Elex Next Year (if we fast enough)


  1. skills all the time from you.keep it up.

  2. Great job. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. thank you for this great tutorial!

  4. haha yo thats awesome. i remember doing this sort of stuff back in highschool...about 10 years ago

  5. more quality stuff. You really do rock at this.