Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art Supply Review: Copic Markers

My review:

I love copics. Period. Hands down. I HATE my prismas after playing with Copics. My only issue is the price. UGH!

Is anyone willing to trade? ;) Buy me a set of copics and I'll draw you art of your choice with them?  I have a set of natural browns but I need the rest of the colors of the color spectrum. My gallery is at if you want to see my skill level... Most of it on there is digital art because I didn't have any til recently and like I said, I only have like 24 markers so I have hardly any color variation...

Ok, here's a more in depth review:

Copic Markers: A Review
by Brittany Michel

When roaming around in the world of inking, one comes to the choice of using a brush and quill or using markers. While some might see markers as cheating, I see it as a way for some people to work more efficiently. If you can do a page in brush faster than you could in markers and pens, then by all means stick with what works for you.
Personally I like to use anything that will give me the best results visually. For technical and drafting aspects of a page I prefer a marker or pen. When starting out I was introduced to the Micron. Later on I stumbled onto Copic Markers. While their price made my wallet cringe, the pain was out weighed by their many benefits. Not only was the quality of the mark they made better, but also one could change out a nib or ink cartridge if it was necessary. They lasted longer and had a higher quality mark than the Micron.

Not to completely disregard the Micron, they’re an excellent beginner’s tool and help one to warm up to the discipline of inking with markers or pens. Still, there are times that pens can’t quite hold up to their traditional counterpart. This is most evident in the brush pen.
While the line quality is noticeably better in the Copic marker than the Micron, it still doesn’t hold up to an actual brush.


Again, as much as I love the way a good pen or marker can make life a little easier, I can’t strain enough that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one inking medium. What works for one person may not work for you. Don’t let your visuals suffer simply because you were feeling lazy. Use what works for you and what gives you the best results for what you’re trying to achieve.


  1. I have quite a few color copics actually, since i used them mainly for coloring. I agree, they are the absolute best to work with, imho

  2. cool review bro , i dont get into inking much but looks nice compared to the other

  3. wow quite a difference between the two. I will keep this in mind.

  4. I feel the last paragraph is like words right out of my mouth!! I agree with this 100%!! You gotta try every medium!!

    Fantastic tips, thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. Wow, this is just what I needed. I love art blogs :) thanks for existing and keep me posted!!

  6. wow, I know nothing about drawing, and now I know a little bit

  7. you've got some very interesting thoughts